About The Journal

WAS Science Nature (WASSN) is a comprehensive journal aiming to proceed science-society interactions. The open access strategy offers increased vulnerability of the research and help in dissemination of research results, as well. We believe that all accurate scientific results have to be published and disseminated by being freely accessible to all.


We publish multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. WAS Science Nature (WASSN) accepts research in all subject areas of science, medicine, engineering, technology, social sciences and humanities. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of high ethical standards, accurate methodology, scientific and perceived novelty.

Types of articles:

Original research that contributes to the base of scientific knowledge, including interdisciplinary, replication studies, and negative or null results.
Systematic reviews whose methods ensure the comprehensive and unbiased sampling of existing literature.
Qualitative research that adheres to appropriate study design and reporting guidelines.
Other submissions that describes methods, software, databases, or other tools that if they follow the appropriate reporting guidelines.

Under the editorial oversight of Editor-in-Chief , we have in-house international staff and academic editorial board to thoroughly review each submission.

WAS Science Nature (WASSN) is a nonprofit Open Access publisher. Our mission is to advance progress in science, medicine and technology by leading a transformation in research communication.

Why you will like publishing with WAS Science Nature (WASSN):

  • Powerful selection criteria.
  • Highly discoverable and freely accessible research.
  • Empowered multi-disciplinary connection.
  • Timely publication (Average of 6 weeks, from submission to final decision).
  • Open access policy (The author and original source are properly cited).
  • Meaningful metrics (Viewership, download rates, social sharing, and citations are calculated for each article)

Criteria for Publication:

  • The study presents the results of primary scientific research.
  • Results reported have not been published elsewhere.
  • Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high technical standard and are described in sufficient detail.
  • Conclusions are well-presented and are supported by results.
  • The article is well- designed and well-written in standard English.
  • The research meets all applicable standards for the ethics of experimentation and research integrity.
  • The article adheres to appropriate reporting guidelines and community standards for data availability.

Peer Review Process:

WAS Science Nature (WASSN) is a peer reviewed journal with a precise editorial screening and assessment process.
First , initial in-house check to test competing interest, ethical standards, financial disclosures, and other policy requirements.
Second, a manuscript is directed to a member of the Editorial Board who is authorized to invite peer reviewers, and to make initial decision (accept, minor or major revision is needed or reject).
, the EIC discuss with section and/ or scientific editor to constitute a final decision. This decision is forwarded to the submitting authors.

Publication fees

WAS Science Nature (WASSN) publication fees are NOT APPLICABLE for issues of 2019. Manuscripts will be published FOR FREE upon acceptance. Authors’ ability to pay publication fees will never be a consideration in final decision
Read more about publication fees and publication fee support Applicable after 2019.