2nd International Conference on New Computer Science and Engineering Trends (NCSET2021)


Rabie A. Ramadan; Kusum Yadav; Samar Gamal Amer; Sanaa A. kamh; Marwa A. Elshahed


NCSET2021 is an International forum for new trends in Computer Science and Engineering. The conference welcome unpublished papers in different tracks in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering. NCSET2021 for the first time gathers research specialists from different backgrounds for a discussion meetings. It will build a fruitful relationship between the authors for future collaboration.


  • Wheelchair Control System based Eye Gaze
    Samar Gamal Amer, Rabie A. Ramadan, Sanaa A. kamh, Marwa A. Elshahed
NCSET2021 Conference


February 19, 2021