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NCSET2020 is an International forum for new trends in Computer Science and Engineering. The conference welcome unpublished papers in different tracks in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering. NCSET2020 for the first time gathers research specialists from different backgrounds for a discussion meetings. It will build a fruitful relationship between the authors for future collaboration.

Important Dates

TDue to covid 19 pandemic, the conference deadline changed to Open

The authors can submit anytime and their submission will be processed once received.

The Tracks

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01. Networks
02. Computational Intelligence
03. Modeling, Simulation, and Control
04. IoT and Big Data
05. Security
06. Advanced Robotics
07. Software Engineering
08. Computational neuroscience

01. Networks

Chair: Dr. Gagandeep Kaur, JIIT, Noida, India

NCSET2020 accepts unpublished papers in the following network areas , but not limited to:

  • Computer and Network Security
  • Computer networks
  • Cross-border network-based information systems
  • Design and performance evaluation of new network application and systems
  • Designing, deploying and using networked systems in specialized sectors (i.e. Health, Education, Manufacturing)
  • Emerging networking trends
  • Enterprise networks
  • Grid, cluster and Internet computing
  • Internetworking and network protocols
  • Mobile computing, mobile networks, and mobile agents
  • Mobility and m-commerce issues
  • Network architectures, services, switching, routing, and applications
  • Network convergence
  • Network management and security
  • Network measurements, performance analysis and evaluation
  • Network pricing issues and strategies
  • Network Resource and QoS
  • Optical network
  • Outsourcing of networking and data communication services
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Pervasive Computing Environments
  • Sensor, mesh, and ad hoc networks
  • Standards and network interoperability issues
  • Strategic use of networking technologies
  • Success factors of networked systems
  • Telecommuting, remote access and VPN
  • IoT and IoE
  • Smart City
  • Advanced communication techniques
  • Antenna technologies
  • Communication theory
  • Communications protocols
  • Satellite techniques and theories
  • Broadband & Photonics techniques
  • Other topics.....

02. Computational Intelligence

Chair: Prof. Ghada M. Amer, Faculty of Engineering Benha University, Egypt

Chair: Dr. Mona Nasr, Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Helwan University, Egypt

NCSET2020 welcomes papers on the areas of Computational Intelligence including but not limited to:

  • Fuzzy Computation
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • Neural Computation
  • Ant colony optimization
  • Artificial immune systems
  • Bioinformatics and bioengineering
  • Evolvable hardware and software
  • Evolving neural networks and fuzzy systems
  • Granular computing
  • Hardware implementation
  • Hybrid optimisation algorithms
  • Image and signal processing
  • Multi-objective optimization
  • Memetic and hybrid algorithms
  • Pattern recognition
  • Robotic and control applications
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Time series analysis
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation systems
  • Other related topics .....

03. Modeling , Simulation, and Control

Chair: Dr. Howida Youssry Abdel Naby, Egypt

Chair: Prof. Zakia Hammouch, Morocco

NCSET2020 welcomes original papers in the following topics , but not limited to:

  • Modeling method and optimization
  • System modeling and simulation
  • Software development and system simulation
  • Modeling and dynamic analysis of mechanical system
  • Computer information engineering and image processing
  • Communication and information system
  • Simulation Tools and Platforms
  • Computational Modeling, Simulation, Optimization and Algorithm
  • Optimization Methods
  • Control Theory and Applications:
  • Control Theory
  • Linear Control
  • Non-Linear Control
  • Optimization
  • Intelligent Control
  • Adaptive Control
  • Predictive Control
  • Next generation intelligent control architectures and methods
  • Multiagent based planning, control and intelligence
  • Distributed/decentralized intelligent control
  • Neural networks, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms
  • Swarm intelligence, learning and control
  • Intelligent control of networked dynamic systems
  • Intelligent control of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks
  • Embedded intelligent control
  • Biological learning control systems
  • Hybrid dynamical systems
  • Petri nets
  • Hierarchical control
  • Discrete event systems
  • Information-based models for control
  • Distributed control systems
  • System modeling, simulation and architectures
  • Cybernetics
  • Computer and microprocessor-based control
  • Hierarchical control
  • Instrumentation networks and software
  • Field-buses
  • Real-time systems control
  • OTher related topics..

04. IoT and Big Data

Chair: Prof. Anis Koubaa, Prince Sultan University, KSA

Chair: Dr. Fatma Elfouly, Alshrrok Academy, Egypt

NCSET2020 welcomes original articles in the following ares , but not limited to:

  • Big Data Research
  • Emerging Services and Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
  • Big Data Multi-Discipline
  • Security , Privacy , and Trust
  • IoT Technologies
  • Analytics, Intelligence and Knowledge Engineering
  • Data Center Enabled Technologies
  • Networking and Social Networks
  • Data Management for Large Data
  • Machine to Machine Communications
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Software Engineering for IoT and IoE
  • Smart City and Transportation
  • Education and Learning
  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Biomedical Experiments and Simulations
  • Healthcare Services and Health Informatics
  • Encryption (All Aspects)
  • Firewall, Access Control, Identity Management
  • Experiments on Using Security Solutions and Proof-of-Concepts
  • Intrusion and Detection Techniques
  • Social Engineering and Ethical Hacking: Techniques and Case Studies


Chair: Dr. Charu, JIIT, Noida, India

NCSET2020 WelcomeS original papers In the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Access Control
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Biometrics Security and Privacy
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Protection
  • Database Security and Privacy
  • Digital Forensics
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Ethical and Legal Implications of Security and Privacy
  • Formal Methods for Security
  • Human Factors and Human Behavior Recognition Techniques
  • Identification, Authentication and Non-Repudiation
  • Identity Management
  • Information Hiding
  • Information Systems Auditing
  • Insider Threats and Countermeasures
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • Management of Computing Security
  • Network Security
  • Organizational Security Policies
  • Peer-to-Peer Security
  • Personal Data Protection for Information Systems
  • Privacy
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Reliability and Dependability
  • Risk Assessment
  • Secure Software Development Methodologies
  • Security and Privacy for Big Data
  • Security and Privacy in Complex Systems
  • Security and Privacy in Crowdsourcing
  • Security and Privacy in IT Outsourcing
  • Security and Privacy in Location-Based Services
  • Security and Privacy in Mobile Systems
  • Security and Privacy in Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing
  • Security and Privacy in Smart Grids
  • Security and Privacy in Social Networks
  • Security and Privacy in the Cloud
  • Security and Privacy in Web Services
  • Security and Privacy Policies
  • Security Area Control
  • Security Deployment
  • Security Engineering
  • Security in Distributed Systems
  • Security Information Systems Architecture
  • Security Management
  • Security Metrics and Measurement
  • Security Protocols
  • Security Requirements
  • Security Verification and Validation
  • Sensor and Mobile Ad Hoc Network Security
  • Service and Systems Design and QoS Network Security
  • Software Security
  • Trust Management and Reputation Systems
  • Ubiquitous Computing Security
  • Wireless Network Security

06. Advanced Robotics

Chair: Dr. Ahmad Taher Azar,Prince Sultan University, KSA

Chair: Prof. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih, Indonesia

NCSET2020 WelcomeS original papers In the following areas, but not limited to:

  • Aerial and underwater robotics
  • Bio-inspired robotics
  • Cable robots, cognitive robotics
  • Cognitive Approach for Robotics
  • Collaborative robotics
  • Collective and Social Robots
  • Control and Supervision Systems
  • Human-Robots Interfaces
  • Humanoid Robots
  • Humanoids
  • Intelligent robotics and systems
  • Legged robots, manipulation
  • Mechatronics systems
  • MEMS
  • Micro- and nano-robots
  • Mobile Robots and Intelligent Autonomous Systems
  • Modeling and identification
  • Motion planning and learning
  • Network Robotics
  • Opto-mechatronics
  • Parallel robotics
  • Probabilistic robotics
  • Reconfigurable robots
  • Robot calibration
  • Robot control
  • Robot Design, Development and Control
  • Robotic platforms
  • Robust control and Process control
  • Service and field robotics
  • Social robotics
  • Vision, Recognition and Reconstruction
  • Visual robotics
  • Wheeled mobile robots

07. Software Engineering

Chair: Dr. Chetna Gupta, JIIT, Noida, India

Chair: Dr. Ihtiram Raza Khan, New Delhi, India

NCSET2020 welcomes original papers in the following topics , but not limited to:

  • Cloud computing, microservices, and containerization
  • Configuration management and deployment
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • DevOps
  • Distributed and collaborative software engineering
  • Economic aspects of software engineering
  • Empirical software engineering
  • Green Software Engineering
  • Human aspects of software engineering
  • Mining software repositories
  • Mobile applications
  • Model-driven development
  • Modeling and design
  • Ontologies for Software Engineering
  • Program analysis, debugging, fault localization, and repair
  • Programming languages
  • Project management
  • Quality and quality models
  • Requirements engineering
  • Reuse, product lines, and modularity
  • Software architecture
  • Software engineering philosophies, practices, and tools
  • Software ecosystems
  • Software engineering education and training
  • Software maintenance and evolution
  • Software metrics
  • Software development processes and methodologies
  • Theoretical foundations and formal methods
  • Verification, validation, and testing
  • Virtual and augmented reality software development
  • Other related topics......

0.8 Computational neuroscience


NCSET2020 welcomes original papers in the following topics , but not limited to:

  • Single-Neuron Modelling
  • Axonal Patterning
  • Sensory processing
  • Memory and synaptic plasticity
  • Behaviours of networks
  • Neural Coding
  • Neuro-Informatics
  • Neural Engineering
  • Cognitive ability of nervous system

NCSET2020 Committee

Publicity Chairs

Prof. Taher Salah, Egypt

Publicity Chairs

Dr. Rajesh Dey, India
Dr. Ibrahim Elomary, KSA

Special Session Chair

Dr. Abdulrahman Alrashidi, KSA

Local Organization Chair

Prof. Sahin Uyaver, Turkey

International Advisory Board:

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya, Director, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems (CLOUDS) Laboratory, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Abhishek Bhattacharya, Institute of Engineering & Management, India
Prof. Abdullah Ali Bahattab; Computer technology Department, College of Telecomm & Electrons Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Anabel Fraga, Department of Computer Science, University of Carlos-III, Madrid Spain
Prof. Anuja Arora, Department of Computer Science, JIIT Noda
Prof. Ashish Khanna, computer science engineering Dept. MAIT, India
Prof.Balaganesh, Lincoln University College, Malaysia
Prof. Chuan-Ming Liu,Computer Science and Information Engineering, TAIWAN
Prof. Christian W. Omlin, Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAIR), Norway
Prof. Dinesh Goyal, Director, Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur ,India
Prof. D. Akila, Department of Information Technology, VISTAS, Chennai, India
Prof. E. Ramaraj , Alagappa University, Tamilnadu, India
Prof. Hamed Daei Kasmaei, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Prof. Huseyin Kusetogullari, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Prof. HANAA HACHIMI, Ibn Tofail University, Kenitra, Morocco
Prof. G. Suseendran ,Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS) Pallavaram, Chennnai
Prof. Khalid Sultan, American University in Kuwait , Kuwait
Prof. KRIT Salah-ddine, Faculty of Ouarzazate, Ibn Zohr Agadir , Mrocco
Prof. Krishna Kant Singh, GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management, India
Prof. Kanita Karadjuzovic-Hadziabdic, International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prof. Mahmoudi Sidi Ahmed, Université de Mons, Belgium
Prof. Anand Nayyar, Duy Tan University, Vietnam
Prof. Mahmoud Abd Atty, Sohag Uni & Zewail City, Egypt
Prof. Marcin Paprzycki, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Prof. Mario F. Pavone, University of Catania, Italy
Prof. Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab , University of Tun Hussein , Malaysia
Prof. Muhammad Zilany, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar
Prof. Mohammad Mahdi Hassan, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Muhammad Ali Martuza, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Rajesh Dey Brainware Group of Institutions, India
Prof. Anurag Jain UPES Dehradoon India
Prof. Md Saiful Islam, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
Prof. Noor Zaman, Taylor’s University, Selangor Malaysia
Prof. N. Srinivasan , Institute of Science & Technology , Vandalur , Chennai
Prof. Rajesh Prasad, Department of Computer Science, African University of Science and Technology, Nigeria
Prof. Sonia Sanchez Cuadrado, Libray and Information Science, Universidad Complutense, Madrid Spain
Prof. Soumi Dutta, Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India
Prof. Anuraj Jain Indraprastha University New Delhi India
Dr. Salah Al-Majeed, University of Gloucestershire, UK
Dr. Nadia Nawaz , Electrical and Computer Engineering , COMSATS University, Pakistan
Prof. Chaabane Djeraba, Universite Lille 1, France
Prof. Hurevren Kilic,  Dogus University, Turkey
Prof. Ioan Marius Bilasco, Universite Lille 1, France
Prof. Umut Tosun, Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University, Turkey
Prof. Samir Amir, ContentSide, France

Technical Program Committee:

Dr. Rajesh Dheeman, NITTTR Chandigrah India
Dr. Jyotsna Singh IILM India
Dr. Madhulika Bhatia, Amity University India
Dr. Arun Yadav, NIT Hamirpur
Dr. Nagendra Pratap Singh, NIT Hamirpur
Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, India
Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, India
Dr. Munish Khanna, India
Dr. Mohammed AbouBakr Elashiri, Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Ashari, Mohamed Abdelaziz Galal, Germany
Dr. Said Ahmed Ahmed Mahmoud, Tunisia
Dr. Fatma H. Galal, Egypt
Dr. Cheba Ben Amer, Algeria
Dr. Mohammed Israil, India
Dr. Aakash Ahmad, Pakistan
Dr. Mahdi H. Miraz, UK
Dr. Prateek Shrivastava, India
Dr. Sarvesh Tanwar, India
Dr. Manoj Diwakar, India
Dr. Bassam Wasfi Aboshosha, Egypt
Dr. Fatma Elfouly, Egypt
Dr. Manoj Kumar, India
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar, India
Dr. Neeraj Raheja, India
Dr. Prakash Chaudhary NIT Hamirpur
Prof. Sami Ben Slama , KSA
Dr. Panigrahi Srikanth, India
Dr. Vishal Jain, India
Dr. Hemant Kumar Gianey, India
Dr. Shamsul Jamel Elias SMIEEE, Malaysia
Dr. Manik Sharma, India
Prof. Le Hoang Son, Vietnam
Prof. Mohamed Kayed, Egypt
Prof. Le Hoang Son, Vietnam
Dr. Fady Medhat, University of York, UK
Dr. Karen Medhat , Egypt
Dr. V.R. Elangovan , India
Dr. Sudeep Tanwar, India
Dr. D. Jude Hemanth, India
Dr. R. K Bathla, India
Dr. J. Deny , India

Track Chairs

Prof. Chetna Gupta Associate Prof , JIIT , India (Software Engineering)
Prof. Gagandeep Kaur , JIIT, Noida (Network)
Prof. Charu , JIIT, India (Security)
Prof. Ahmad Taher Azar, PhD, KSA (Advanced Robotics)
Prof. Hendrati Dwi Mulyaningsih, Indonesia (Advanced Robotics)
Prof. Anis Koubaa, KSA (IoT and Big Data)
Prof. Fatma Elfouly (IoT and Big Data)
Prof. Ghada M. Amer, Egypt (Computational Intelligence)
Prof. Mona Nasr, Egypt (Computational Intelligence)
Prof. Zakia Hammouch, Morocco (Modeling , Simulation, and Control)

Organizing Committee

Eng. Hadeer mohamed Abd Alaziz, Egypt
Eng. Hosny Abo Emira, Egypt
Eng. Hanan Ahmed, Egypt
Eng. Sarah Ali, Egypt

NCSET2020 Schedule

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Keynote Speakers

Speaker 1

University of Hail, KSA

International Balkan University

Mansoura University, Egypt

University of Huddersfield, UK

Aligarh Muslim University, India


Paper Template

The number of pages limit is 6. Extra pages will be charge $20 per page up to 8 pages.

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NCSET2020 Publication Partners

Selected papers will be submitted to Springer on Application of machine Learning in Engineering series for indexing. Extended version of selected papers will be published in one of the ISI or Scoups journals.

The selection of the Journal will be based only on the chairs recommendations.

The following are some of the selected journals:

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