About the Journal


The journal publishes multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. WAS Science Nature (WASSN) accepts research in all subject areas of science, medicine, engineering, technology, social sciences and humanities. The submitted manuscripts are evaluated on the basis of high ethical standards, accurate methodology, scientific and perceived novelty.

Types of articles:
Original research that contributes to the base of scientific knowledge, including interdisciplinary, replication studies, and negative or null results.
Systematic reviews whose methods ensure the comprehensive and unbiased sampling of existing literature.
Qualitative research that adheres to appropriate study design and reporting guidelines.
Other submissions that describes methods, software, databases, or other tools that if they follow the appropriate reporting guidelines.

WASSN Journal publications operate under the guidance of an editorial board; The Editorial board members are expert in their fields and they provide technical comments on the contents, attracting new authors and encouraging submissions.

The editorial board, or (editorial) advisory board,roles are as follows:

    • Review submitted manuscripts.
    •  Advise on journal policy and scope.
    •  Make sure the submissions are original
    •  Identify topics for special issues, which they may guest edit.
    •  Attract new authors and submissions.
    •  Advising on the publications ethics.
    • They may submit some of their own work for consideration by the journal

Editorial board members are selected by the journal’s editor(s), .The list of the editorial board members is checked and reviewed every two years. Based on their activities , some of them can be elevated to serve in different position , some of them might step down , and others may be removed from the list

 The editor-in-chief must have a doctoral degree.