Wigner Crystal Phase Investigations in 2D Electrons on Helium Films


  • M. Asharia
  • M. Mobarak
  • Massaud Mostafa


state electrons, Wigner crystal, Helium film, He-FET, Electrons mobility Surface


Wigner crystal is one of three important phases of the two-Dimensional Electrons System (2DES) on helium films. It represents the transition from the classical regime to the quantum regime and has many benefits in understanding the transport of the electrons in such a system. In this work, the Wigner crystal regime was observed and discussed in more detail and under well-defined conditions. The result shows a clear confirmation for the Wigner crystal at a density between 1010 and 1011 e/cm2 and suggests a new mechanism for the electrons transport. It also confirms that the melting of the Wigner crystal into a classical electron gas regime happened at a density of less than 1010 e/cm2.


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