Quick, Simple and Easy way to get proofreading, editing, and translation. 

We are an award-winning team of professional editors and proofreaders that supports +10,000 clients in +100 countries.

We offer the following services: 

  •  Proofreading
  •  Publishing services


We'll edit and proofread your file for grammar, spelling, formatting, word choice, sentence structure, style, consistency, and more. We'll track our changes and deliver your revised file via email before your deadline. Our services are 100% confidential, 100% guaranteed, and take a minute to order.


7 Days ($5.99 per 250 words)
72 Hours ($7.49 per 250 words)
48 Hours ($8.49 per 250 words)
36 Hours ($9.49 per 250 words)
24 Hours ($9.49 per 250 words)
12 Hours ($11.74 per 250 words)
6 Hours ($14.99 per 250 words)

Publishing services:

We're best known for our combined proofreading and editing, but we've grown to offer a full range of services for authors. From writing support, to design, to marketing, we can help you publish your book and grow your audience.

And if you're wary about spending money to help make your dreams of self-publishing or traditional publishing a reality, know this: Authors who get help with story editing, copy editing, proofreading, and cover design earn 34% more than the average author.


  • 1–20,000 words—$189
  • 20,001–40,000 words—$229
  • 40,001–60,000 words—$279
  • 60,001–80,000 words—$339
  • 80,001–120,000 words—$399
  • +120,001 words - Please contact us for a qoute. 

WAS Press  is constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality translations at the most competitive pricing in the industry. We have streamlined our operations to eliminate the fees added by many other translation companies, including project management and overhead fees. Providing you with simple and competitive pricing paired with the highest quality in the marketplace is a key element to our mission.

Our pricing for translation projects is determined by several factors:

  • Number of source words
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • Language combination
  • Amount of time required to complete the assignment

At Trusted Translations, we strive to provide the highest quality and most competitive translation rates in the industry.


WAS Press  normally requires partial payment upfront and the remaining upon delivery of the final product. For clients with proven good credit or that have a good payment history, we can bill in arrears on a monthly basis. Notwithstanding the above,  WAS Press will work with your company on a case-by-case basis to accommodate your billing needs.

Contact us: 

Email: [email protected]

Alternative Email : [email protected]