To publish and distribute research papers, WAS needs certain publication permissions from authors, as specified in a publishing agreement between the author and WAS.

  • The authors of open access publications grant exclusive rights to WAS in exchange for their work being made available to the public.
  • When articles are published under the subscription model, the authors transfer their copyright to WAS.
  • Authors have the same rights to share, distribute, and maximize the impact of their research whether they choose open access or subscription publication with WAS.
  • It doesn't matter how an author chooses to publish with WAS; their institution has the right to use their papers in the classroom and for training purposes.
  • The term "Websites" (capital W) refers to all WAS websites, including Hosted Journals, in this Copyright Statement. The owner of a Hosted Journal is either WAS or a Hosted Journal owner.
  • It is the author's responsibility to provide permission for the use of their content in WAS or a Hosted Journal.
  • A Creative Commons CC-BY license is given to any content created by WAS, Hosted Journal Owners, and users.
  • The same licensing conditions apply to e-books as they do to the articles that are included inside them.