Fast DNA Purification Methods: Comparative Study

DNA Purification


  • AlaaEddeen M. Seufi
  • Fatma H. Galal


DNA extraction, Fast DNA kits, advantages, disadvantages, DNA methodology


The use of molecular biology methods has increased in the study of many subjects, which has made the urgent need for easy, fast and inexpensive methods to isolate DNA from different tissues. Both diagnosis and characterization purposes need obtaining high yields of integer and pure DNA within sensible cost and time. The eight kits: Monarch® Genomic DNA Purification Kit; Quick-DNA™ Miniprep Kit; EchoLUTION- DNA Extraction Kits; Fast DNA Extraction kit; QIAamp Fast DNA Stool Modified; QIAamp Fast DNA Tissue Kit; QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution; and Rapid Fungal Genomic DNA Isolation Kit were compared with the Chelex-100 methodology. We compared the items of cost, content, storage of the kits and the equipment needed in the methodology. In addition, all items regarding the start material, yield and methodology were compared.  Out of eight tested kits, only the EchoLUTION-DNA Extraction Kit is comparable to Chelex-100 methodology. The kit is more expensive than Chelex-100. Except for the suspended impurities, Chelex-100 is regarded the best methodology. In this study, only the EchoLUTION-DNA Extraction Kit is comparable to Chelex-100 methodology.


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